John Rowland Black
(Apr 16, 1860 - Jun 10, 1939)
(Picture taken in 1887)
John Rowland Black and
Clara Elizabeth Oliver
(Dec 16, 1878 - Sep 13, 1971)

Married: Feb 19, 1902
(Picture taken Feb 19, 1902)

Ellen, Elizabeth, Rachel, Sutherland

Francis, Sutherland, Bill, Rowland (seated)

Francis Oliver Black
August 17, 1908 - July 26, 1930
Died in water accident on Sage Lake

Ellen, Elizabeth, Bill, Clara, John, Rachel, Mae, Sutherland

Back: John, Ellen, James, Sutherland, Rowland, William, Sherman
Front: Clara, Luella, Bernadine, Elizabeth, Elizabeth (Dunham), Mae, Rachel

Standing: Sherman Allen, William, Dick Briggs, John. James, Sutherland
Seated: Ellen , Rowland, Luella, Bernadine, Clara, Elizabeth (Briggs), Mae (Allen), Rachel

The following 8 photos are from Bill Black and were taken in 1957

David Irwin Family James and Luella Black
Rowland Black Family Sherman Allen Family
Sutherland Black Family William Black Family
Milton Wild Family Richard and Elizabeth Briggs

First Cousins (1957)
Back row l-r: Jim Black, Janet Allen, Ray Allen, Shirley Black, John Black, Bob Black
Middle row: Sandy Irwin, Judy Black, Bonnie Black, Bill Black, John Fowler, Tim Allen
Front row: Lois Black, Phyllis Irwin, Douglas Irwin

Above photo contributed by Phyllis Clark from photos saved by her mother, Rachel Black Irwin

Thanksgiving at Dave & Rachels, 1957

Irma, Sutherland, Clara, Bill, Elizabeth

Clockwise from: Elizabeth, Ellen. Milt, Jim, Luella, Margaret, Standing: Rachel and Dave

Clockwise from: Phyllis, Bob, Jim, John, Bill, Doug, John, George Robb, Shirley, Lois

Rowland and Bernadine's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1981

Judy, Bernadine, Rowland

Bill and Elizabeth's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1988

Standing: Irma, Sutherland, Elizabeth Briggs, Bill, Rowland, Bernadine, James
Seated: Rachel Irwin, Elizabeth, Ellen Wild, Mae Allen

Standing: Sutherland, Bill, Rowland, James
Seated: Rachel Irwin, Elizabeth Briggs, Ellen Wild, Mae Allen


Jordan (Age 13) (Picture Taken Feb 10, 2006)
Daughter of Johanna & Lyle Gilbert
Granddaughter of Janet Allen

Sarah's Prom Picture (Picture Taken May 6, 2006)
Granddaughter of Janet Allen

Lindsay Irwin
2003 Graduate
Zach Irwin
2006 Graduate

Children of Doug & Karen Irwin, Grandchildren of Dave and Rachel Black Irwin

Andrew Kiracofe , DOB: 7/16/02, son of Daniel Kiracofe, Grandparents: David and Sandy (Irwin) Kiracofe, Great Grandparents: Rachel (Black) and Dave Irwin

Andrew David Kiracoff, 7/14/07

Joshua Michael , DOB: 7/10/06 (son of Sean and Rachel (Kiracofe) Harroff), Grandparents: David and Sandy (Irwin) Kiracofe, Great Grandparents: Rachel (Black) and Dave Irwin

Joshua, Mom & Dad

Joshua and Mom

Joshua & Dad

Joshua & Dad

Joshua & Grandma Kiracofe

Joshua & Aunt Phyllis Clark

Joshua & Aunt Phyllis Clark

Joshua Michael Harroff, July 8, 2007

Victoria Loureiro
Daughter of Gabe and Kathy (Kiracofe) Loureiro,
Granddaughter of David & Sandra (Irwin) Kiracofe,
Great-granddaughter of Dave and Rachel Black Irwin.


Agnes Black Andrew Douglas Ross Black Annie Goldie Black
Elizabeth Alice Black Frederick William Black George Alexander Black
John Rowland Black Laura Sutherland Black Margaret Jane Black
Mary Janet Black Thomas Francis Black